Ask Me Anything!

I am full of tips and opinions and trivia and whatever. Got a question? I’ve got an answer! Is it the right one? Only one way to find out. Ask away in the comment thingy below.

6 responses to “Ask Me Anything!

    • Hello Jenny! The reason I came to Uganda is because I was hired on by a film group called Robert Ryan World Studios to help with the filming of a movie called The Jungle I Know. Unfortunately that whole deal has rotted, so now I find myself in Uganda on my own terms, which is really quite enjoyable. I’ve still been able to find little jobs and potential business opportunities which are helping me to keep true to my goal of self sustained world travel. I had planned to go from Uganda to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania where I hope to crew some boats along the east African coast, traveling, perhaps, to Zanzibar, Madagascar, Mozambique, and South Africa. I really want to get a boat from South Africa to Australia to honor my pending work visa there…

  1. i greet you dear peter, i was so happy to meet you with lob\ve in masaka with your nice small guiter, be blessed and love
    justice nsubuga

    • Hey LP. I think we can manage something. I suppose I’ll be leaving Africa eastbound for Australia late this year… October? November? I want to work for a while when I get there to recuperate some funds. SE Asia sounds like the right neighborhood to me!

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