Travel For Nothing

Perhaps the most valuable note

People often dream of what life would be like without money. People would trade things, give things. Generosity might rule, even as technology and development took back seats. Since we all have grown up in a society where money is really the driving force behind everything, it is very difficult to remove ourselves from the allure, the prestige, and the convenience which money offers. Maybe it’s not possible to live without it.

Travelers often have to worry about money. Immigration officials may want to see that you have enough money to support yourself before you are allowed entry. Lodging and transportation can cost a bundle, and even food and water may not be cheap. We bring cash, we bring checks, we bring debit cards. We exchange our own currency for the local paper at terrible rates. We stash our money cleverly in hidden pockets and money belts. We are scammed, we are robbed, and we call home and ask our parents to send us money afterward. Surely it is impossible to travel internationally without money! Continue reading