The Cloud: Web Tool for New-Age Travel

The Cloud goes wherever you go!

“The Cloud.” It is mysterious. It is useful. It is, perhaps, a bit intimidating to some. But just what is it?

To be perfectly honest, I am not entirely sure, but I have an idea. It seems that ‘the cloud’ means ‘computing service’, where users (you, me, businesses, etc.) can store, crunch, organize, and monitor their data on the web. For example, a person can store music files on an online database rather than physically storing it on their own hard drive. A business can upload sales data to an online data analysis service and interpret the results, rather than doing it in-house on their own computers.

So why is it such a big deal, and what use do travelers have for such abstract technology? Continue reading

A Traveling Computer for People on the Move

My stay-at-home laptop

Something I have been considering seriously for the travels that lay in the future is how I will execute my computing needs while I’m out and about. Email is a powerful tool which I use frequently, and I will certainly need some kind of word processing ability If I wish to keep my travel blog rolling while I travel. What good is a travel blog if the traveler is incapable of writing in an electric format, or incapable of internet access? No good.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing how you will manage your electronic life during your travels. Fortunately, if you have need of a portable device for travels, your choices are narrowed to: Continue reading