Muslim Matters

“They get mad at me when I wear this thing,” Yorkman, the bar’s jack-of-all-trades reflected. He had on his long Muslim gown, rich with embroidery, hanging down from his shoulders.

“Who does?”

“The Muslims!”

I suppose it’s natural for members of a religious group to feel possessive over their traditional garb. Yorkman is by no means a Muslim, but heck, he looks pretty good in the robe. His go-to special occasion outfit betrays his unaffiliated beliefs, and clashes with his Rasta hat in more ways than one. Continue reading

At Home with some Ugandans

On a Ugandan Porch

My time in Uganda has been a lesson in kindness. While Uganda’s general public may not be so outwardly friendly to the traveler (normally gawking and squawking, ignoring, or asking for handouts) the people can be genuinely pleasant once friendships are made. What follows is a description of my happiest homestays while in this African heartland. Continue reading