Ring Around Victoria

So I’ve got this idea in my head and I can’t make it go away. It just means I’ll have to follow through.

I am going to ride a bicycle around Lake Victoria. I have been thinking about it since I first saw the lake flying into Entebbe Airport. I miss bicycles, and all the dirt roads in this country are begging to be ridden by clunking steel bikes which are found all over the place. I’m gonna get me one of those super-solid stallions and schlepp it through three countries and around the world’s third largest lake. Continue reading

Transportation in Uganda

A BMW's radiator blows up. Just take a boda boda.

Uganda is not Germany or the United States where public transportation is meant to be prompt and efficient. Most of the common modes are run privately, on their own schedule, and with the aim of maximizing fares whenever possible. What follows is a brief guide on common methods of ground transportation in Uganda which are available to the traveler. Continue reading

The Road to Uganda, and What I Will Do Now

One man band, man

It took six airplanes to fly east from Fiji to Uganda: LA, Denver, Minneapolis, Amsterdam, Kigali, Entebbe. Fortunately it worked out that I could stop through home and say hello to my lovely parents and swap out some gear. I don’t expect I will be needing any diving fins ’round here.

Leaving Denver, I was held up at security by a friendly TSA inspector guy. He was fixated on my ukelele and harmonicas, and some toy cars I brought for African kids.

“Are you some kind of one man band or something?”

“Basically.” Continue reading

When Adventure Beckons, Plans Change


At least for some. Adventurer types have an itch which is always waiting for a suitable scratch, so when the opportunity for discovery presents itself, it’s so long and thanks for all the fish. When a traveler mentions ambitious new plans, fellow travelers say “that will be a grand adventure!” while everyone else holds their tongues while an expression of anguish and disbelief floods their faces.

The Itch and an appropriate Scratch are the reasons behind my most recent itinerary modification. I was poking around online looking for some odd jobs to do in order to make some travel money when I found an ad with a title that read something like this:

“Seeking a film student with two brass balls for work abroad” Continue reading